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My Sexy Boys!

The long awaited picture I use as inspiration for Danny and Tim.
Danny is the golden god in the back and Tim is the one looking up at him.
Of course my boys don’t look exactly like this… THEY’RE HOTTER!

P.S- I manage to get a little writing in earlier today and am planning on doing a little bit more before the night is over. Yay me! LOL

Twilight Saga Co-Stars KISS!

Robert Pattinson kissed Taylor Lautner!
And from the looks of it, the two of them were really going at it and liking it.
Now that’s what I call HOT. Though I have to admit I think it’s hot because Taylor Lautner is damn sexy and the thought of him with some hot guy?
Mmhmmhmm, the stuff of m/m fantasies!
Go Taylor!
Link to video where you can watch the passionate kiss at the awards yourself:

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