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A Late Night Treat from Jet

The talented Jet Mykles has answered some questions and let us take a peek into her oh so creative brain.

Tell us a little about yourself?
Hi, my name is Jet and I write fantasy romance. Even when it’s technically labeled “contemporary”, I write fantasy. I believe in love at first site, fantastic coincidences — okay, those only to a point — and happily ever after.

What was your dream(s) growing up?
I was going to be an actress. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts for Acting, in fact. My trouble was (still is) that I detest auditions. Which makes it very hard to get any acting jobs. So I’ve turned around what I’ve learned and I now apply what I know about characters to those I write instead of those I play on stage. Kind of better this way because I really do get to be in charge and don’t have to deal with other people (much), but I do miss being onstage in front of an audience.

What made you start writing?
When I learned to write? Okay, maybe not that far back, but I was rather young when I started penning stories. Rarely ever finished them, mind. Let’s see, I guess it was when we got our first home computer when I was nine that I learned to type. Once I had that down, that’s pretty much when I started creating story files. Huh, I wonder whatever happen to those?

Is writing something you’ve always wanted to do or is it new to you?
Didn’t always want to do it as a profession. I was going to be a famous actress after all. I wrote my first real book right out of college. It wasn’t accepted for publication, but that was when I thought I could seriously do this. Took awhile between then and now to actually do it. Back then, digital publishing and ebooks didn’t exist and that seems to be where I’ve found my home.

What is your last book? What is it about?
I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore just came out in September from MLR Press. It’s about a pretty young party boy and an older guy who he hooks up with. They live in separate states and don’t intend to fall in love, but once they connect they — say it with me — just can’t fight the feeling. It was inspired by people and events that I saw when I attended my first GRL Retreat. In the end, the events and the people who inspired the story aren’t all that recognizable in it, but there are bits and pieces that those who’ve been to GRL might enjoy.

What made you decide to write it?
My editor, Kris Jacen, insisted on a story after one particular event. There were four of us authors with her, but I was the one who caught the story bug.

Is there any hidden meanings in your book? A lesson to be learned?
Only that love is a good thing and sex should be enjoyed.

What’s in store for you next?
My main writing goal now is to finish the last two Indigo Knights books so that series is complete. I’m not really sure where I’m going after that.

Do you think authors should read reviews of their books?
No. It’s a bad thing. The good ones can be a nice pat on the back, but even those are bad to read. It messes with your feelings as the author and it’s skewed my opinion of some of my own books.

Do you read your reviews?
Sadly, yes. But not as often as when I started.

Would you argue with a reviewer over a bad review?
No. There’s no point. It’s their opinion. Although, I often would like to point out that sometimes what you don’t like about the book isn’t so much what the author wrote as the reviewer’s own personal pet peeves. It’s sad, for instance, to get marked down because there’s a menage in your book when the reviewer admits to not liking menages. That’s like not liking a blue shirt that you just bought because you don’t like the color blue.

Do you have a favorite genre to write? To read?
Fantasy. I love made up worlds, even if they’re made up alternate “real” worlds. I’d rather read about a completely different reality than the one I live in every day.

What/who is your inspiration for writing?
Pretty, pretty men. I love good looking men.

What are you reading right now? Who is it by?
Indexing by Seanan McGuire. Awesome idea about a secret federal agency that chases fairy tales and tries to abort them. Because it’s amazing how many people tend to die horribly when chased by their happily ever after.

Are you enjoying it?
Immensely! I hope she continues the series. I enjoy her voice and her worlds very much.

Do you have a favorite book? What is it?
I don’t think I can name a single favorite. There are some that have been pivotal to me. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dune, Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn, The Last Herald Mage series by Mercedes Lackey. All those books took me places that I remember vividly and are probably big reasons why I write what I write.

If you’ve ever re-read a book, what book was it? How many times? Why?
Recently I re-read a whole series because the new book came out and I’d forgotten too much to go on. Actually, that happened twice recently. Once for Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series and once for Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series. I adore both sets of books, though, so re-reading wasn’t a hardship.
Other than that, I don’t think I’ve re-read much. I re-read Dune at least once and I’ve re-read some of Mercedes Lackey’s books. Those were because I’d originally read as a pre-teen and wanted to experience it as an adult to refresh my memory. Both were just as good the second time around.

Vampire or werewolf? Angel or demon?
One of each.

One thing you want to do/see before you die?
I’d like to get back to Europe for a real vacation. I’ve been there but never for a good long stay to really see stuff.
Most recent release is I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore. More info on my website:
Buy link:

Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win a copy of Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore and a $10 giftcard from!

Oh, and Jet? I don’t think you’re the only one who enjoys pretty men ;D

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Interview with Eden 2

Here’s the second part of the interview with Eden. Hope you all enjoy it!

Do you have a favorite genre to write? To read?
I pretty much read and write exclusively M/M these days, but as far as sub-genres, the door is wide open.

Who is/are your favorite author(s)?
Too many to name, and too many reasons. Some I admire for their word skills, some for their storytelling abilities, and some for who they are as people, and their selfless determination to make the world a better place.

What/who is your inspiration for writing?
There is a team of folks who inspire me, hold my hand on the journey, kick my hiney when I need it, and always, always have my back. They are many, and I’m afraid to name them individually, lest I omit someone.

What are you reading right now? Who is it by?
I’m currently beta reading a contemporary novel by P.D. Singer called Spokes, and I recently finished Made in China by Z. Allora. Both are awesome and highly recommended.

Are you enjoying it?
Yes. Very much. Both books required tons of research, and I love learning new facts while being captivated by a good fiction story.

Do you have a favorite book? What is it?
I have too many favorites to name, and they’re the ones I’ll go back to when I’m too tired to start something new, or want to revisit a particular scene or mood.

What is your favorite reader/writer interaction site?
You’ll find me on Facebook frequently, though I’m also on Goodreads.

If you could co-write a story with any published or self published author, who would it be? Why them? What would you write?
P.D. Singer. I admire her way with words. I’ve got a BDSM spoof I’m crafting that I’d love her input on.

Vampire or werewolf? Angel or demon?
All, though I also include the dreaded werepossum.

Favorite television show?
I don’t watch TV, but DVDs of Dante’s Cover are my guilty pleasure.

Favorite food?
Vegetarian lasagna.

One thing you want to do/see before you die?
I’ve promised to take someone to visit Ireland, where her father was born. I intend to keep my promise.

What’s something your readers don’t know about you?
I’m the “Mom” of the office where I work, and have half a Walgreens in my file cabinet, stocked with everything from aspirin to sewing supplies. Got a headache? I’ve got you covered. Lost a button? No problem. Someone bet me I didn’t have a Q-tip. They lost.

Thanks for joining us, Eden!

First person that can name a dreaded creature Eden mentions gets a bonus point!

Dwindling Down @ Day Eight


Only two more days left after today!

First, A TREAT!
While From Love and Pain’s tour is getting wrapped up, Second Time Around’s tour is being put to together. Second Time Around is a free story that will be available through Smashwords (maybe Goodreads, too) on May 31st.
In honor of that a friend and fellow Romance Author, Jadette Paige, has put up information regarding Second Timw Around, including a short post by me and a excerpt!
So when you finish here, go take a look.
Second Time Around @ Jadette Paige

Oh, and pick up a copy of her debut novel, Blue Heaven. It’s amazing! I read it last week and thought it was great!

The Stop Today:
Off The Page, Suzanne Van Rooyen’s blog.
The Happening:
There will be a Review! I get so excited about reviews. I enjoy hearing what my readers think. Also, you guys help me to improve. 🙂
One last Interview! Today will be the last interview. I hope you guys like it as these quesions are different, completely, from the other two interviews earlier in the tour.

All Important Information!
Regarding E-book Giveaways – All tour host have decided if they wish to hold giveaways. For those who chose to do so, I, as the author of From Love and Pain, have provided one e-book copy for each giveaway. E-book Giveaways are open to Int. and U.S. entries. Winners will be chosen using Winners will be announced on my blog and contacted by e-mail. You will be given 14 days(2 weeks) to claim your prize. If a winner does not respond within the alloted timeframe, the prize will be given to the next winner. And so on and so on.
To Enter: Unless otherwise stated on the individual blog, simply leave your name and email in a comment on the specific tour post to be entered into that giveaway. For e-boom giveaways, entries submitted on my blog will be excluded(NOT VALID), you must enter the giveaway on the blog which is hosting said giveaway.
Thank you for your participation.

Grand Giveaway Entry Rules!
There will be THREE Grand Giveaways! First, Second and(I want to say fourth, but yes) Third.

The grand prize(s) are…

First Prize: A paperback copy of From Love and Pain, Author Swag( From Love and Pain coffee mug, notebook, banner, and a pen) and one ebook copy of all future books that I write. These will be given before or the day of releases.

Second Prize: A paperback copy of From Love and Pain and one ebook copy of any e-book reviewed on here. (@ the top of this page there is a box that reads “Reviews”. All reviews have been copied and pasted here.)

Third Prize: A paperback copy of From Love and Pain.

Grand Prize Entry Rules: The Grand Prize giveaways are open to the U.S ONLY. Please leave your name and email in a comment on any of the blog stops or on any tour posting(this one included) that I post on my blog(here), to be entered into the giveaway. Winners will be chosen using Grand Prize winners will be announced on my blog and on my facebook page on May 22nd, 2012. Follow my blog or like my page to guarantee you won’t miss the announcements. This is not mandatory to be entered into the drawings. Winners will have 14 days(2 weeks) to contact me and claim their prize. If prizes are not claimed in the alloted time period, the prize will go to the next person. And so and so on.
Thank you for your participation.

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