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Picture-Inspired Story

Man in Library

Saw this over at Cryselles Bookshelf and got super inspired by it. It’s one of her 1000-word-Thursdays pictures and I decided to write a short story based on it. Mind you, its not going to be a 1000 words but I’m hoping to keep it under 15k words. I’ve talked briefly with Cryselle and she mentioned another author who did chapter a week postings on her blog with a picture-inspired story. I have to email her, but I’m hoping to do that with this story as well since I will later be putting it up on Smashwords as a free read. After, it wouldn’t be being written if not for her posting such a wonderful image. 🙂

Oh, I’ve decided that cute boy name’s Jayden.

My Sexy Boys!

The long awaited picture I use as inspiration for Danny and Tim.
Danny is the golden god in the back and Tim is the one looking up at him.
Of course my boys don’t look exactly like this… THEY’RE HOTTER!

P.S- I manage to get a little writing in earlier today and am planning on doing a little bit more before the night is over. Yay me! LOL

I’m a Judge!

I am going to be a judge in Dan Poynter's second annual Global Ebook Awards. All writers are welcomed to enter their ebooks. If you want to find out more about this, feel free to check out the official site by clicking on the picture.

I will be reading and judging ebooks in Six different categories.
1. Gay/Lesbian/LGBT Fiction
2. Cookbooks Non-Fiction
3. Humor/Comedy Fiction
4. Romance Fiction – Contemporary
5. Pre-Teen Literature Fiction
6. Teen Literature Fiction

After sending in my scores, I will more than likely post reviews here and on my Goodreads account.

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