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Author Spotlight – Introducing Emily Guido!

Hi guys.

Emily wrote a short introduction about herself for you wonderful people . don’t forget to say ho to her when you finish reading her intro!

Emily Guido:
I love Vampire stories! With my first novel in “The Light-Bearer Series,” “Charmeine” I pitted Vampires against Angels, Blood-Hunters against Light-Bearers, dark against light, Hell against Heaven. I wrote the characters so opposite, their magnetism pulled to the poles and then with a red-heat collision they came together! However, Tabbruis and Charmeine are a really different couple… both very inexperienced and yet so passionate. There are rivers which flow very deep in each one. When those rivers come together, there is a nuclear explosion!

Being an Independent Author has been a real eye-opener. I did not have money to professionally edit or print out hard copies of “Charmeine” and “Ransom.” However, two wonderful supporters of mine in the business are Beta Reading my novels for me because they think “The Light-Bearer Series” deserve a chance.

However, my “The Light-Bearer Series” is chucked full of visions of Heaven and Hell. I have a Catholic school education K-12, so I used parts of the ideology. I used parts of Biblical parts ideology also. To add to this, I researched Historical events and used parts of those accounts. Then, to wrap “The Light-Bearer Series” up in a nice bow, I knew Vampire Lore fairly well also and I used some of that ideology but I did not follow it. I wanted the series to be different. Most writers use their experiences and background, and that is the trick is to learn. I had to use my knowledge and envision it in a whole new way. I believe this is what I have done with “The Light-Bearer Series!”
In “Charmeine,” Tabbruis and Charmeine are a really different couple… both very inexperienced and yet so very passionate. There are rivers that flow very deep in each one.

In “Ransom” Charmeine and Tabbruis continue their romance! It is about as sweet in some parts as the first! However, I must warn you the posts are not going to be all like this. There are some ROUGH waves ahead for Tabbruis and Charmeine and you are going to be mad! I was mad when I was writing it but then how can Charmeine and Tabbruis live happily ever being the super heroes they are… something is always going to come in the way! I am working on my third novel “Conundrum” and Tabbruis and Charmeine are united now… however, their family needs their help!

Emily will be stopping by again soon and I’ll let you guys know what she’ll be doing then!
Hoped you enjoy and why don’t you show Emily a little love?

Author Spotlight starts in June!

Hiya Guys!

I just want to let you guys know that starting next month, June, I will be trying out a new feature, Author Spotlight!
I’ve seen this on a few blogs and it looks pretty neat so I thought I’d give it try.
I don’t have much time right now, so I’ll let you know more about it in the coming week. Oh, the first author will be Emily Guido. I’ve talked to her a bit and she seems really nice and shes writing a series. You’ll hear more about that soon!


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