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Break in Tour


Hey guys! Just wanted to let you kniw that there is no tour.
I probably should have mentioned this earlier but I only just realised it myself while going over the schedule. There will be no stops for the next few days.
The tour picks up again on the 14th.

That’s not so long, right? Just TWO DAYS.

Then we’ll jump right back in it. I hope no one loses interest.
I’d like to send out a thank you to Judi(Arella) and Ashley(Ley), both of whom have made it a point to stop by each spot and leave a comment. I truly appreciate it!
Thanks you guys.
A special thanks to the rest of you, too! I haven’t forgot about you guys. 🙂
Each comment I read makes me feel good and I’m glad so many of you have taken an interest in the book.
With From Love and Pain being my first published(albeit, self published) book, it sure means a lot to seeing people in enjoy and reading great reviews.
Not that I don’t appreciate the not-so-good reviews, they give me pointers on what to work on.

I am Super glad that I haven’t had many of those. In fact, those who do have a bad point also have good ones and I’m grateful of that.

I hope Letting Go, Boys in Love Bk1(available later this year…hopefully 😉 ) shows that I’ve been listening to you guys and working to better my writing.

Anyway, I’ll let you guys knkw when the next stop is going up.



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