Second Time Around


Second Time Around by H. A. Caine

Jamie lives with his straight modeling best friend of three years, John. He’s finally achieved his life long dream of opening up his own bakery and John throws him a party. There he meets a guy, Matthew, who co-owns the Home Improvement shop across the street from his bakery. They hit it off, of course.
Only there’s one problem. Matthew is possibly straight and theres a 90% chance that he thinks Jamie is a woman!
Oh, that’s right. I forgot to mention Jamie loves wearing women clothing, has long pink hair, manicured nails, waxed legs and enjoys his eyeliner.

Excerpt from Second Time Around by H. A. Caine
“Who was that guy I saw you speaking to towards the end?” John’s voice was casual but the quick glances out of the corner of his eyes were anything but.
Resisting the urge to laugh, Jamie looked back out the passenger side window.
“Matthew. Him and his brother run the Home Improvement store across the street. Didn’t you invite him?”
“Must have met the brother. Sooo… does he know you’re a guy?”
Jamie couldn’t have stopped himself that time, even if he had tried. He burst out laughing, slapping his palm repeatedly against his naked thigh.
He knew John was serious and the question really was a legit one. But he couldn’t help it.
“Stop laughing.” John muttered, trying not to chuckle himself as Jamie continued to laugh, a tear squeezing out the corner of his eye.
Trying to breath deeply and get himself under control, Jamie giggled. “Sorry, sorry.” he apologised when he could open his mouth without laughing.
John shook his head, the corner of his mouth tilting up in a small smile.
“So does he?”
Opening his mouth, he stopped himself before he could respond “Of course he knows I’m a guy.” He glanced down at himself in the seat. He looked more feminine tonight than he usually did. His legs were unblemished and shiny from his recent wax and the oil on his skin and his feet looked smaller than they usually did in the all black Vans. His nails were painted pink, not to forget his hair was as well. And he knew from looking in the mirror before they had left home that the eyeliner made his eyes seem brighter. Tonight, more than ever, he could be mistaken for a tall, flat chested girl.
He bit his lip. The more he thought about it, the more he was certain Matthew had no idea he was a guy.
Which meant the man was straight. And he’d only flirted with Jamie because he’d thought he was a girl.
He heard a sigh beside him. “He doesn’t know, does he?”
Jamie shook his head in the negative. “I don’t think so.”
“Did you like him?”
“He was really nice.”
“And you’re sure he doesn’t know?”
“You didn’t, and I was wearing jeans.”
Slumping down in his seat and crossing his arms over his chest, Jamie let his head thump against the window pane, deciding that was exactly what he felt like.

Second Time Around will be released May 31st of 2012

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