Other Free Reads!

These Free Reads are NOT written by me!
They are written by both aspiring and published authors. I have read the majority of these links; those that I haven’t read, I plan on reading very soon.
Please check them out and help support and spread the word of these wonderful writers, some of which you may already know and love.

J.M Snyder is a author-turn-publisher who stills writes fascinating stories while helping to promote other writers. On the site below there is almost always something being given away; be it a newly released book, a re-released story, a weekly free read or contests. So hurry over if you want a chance to win!


BisonenWorks is great FanFic site. All the works are by P.L Nunn and I can honestly say that they are amazing. There are things offered on this site and some of the stories that are offered for free are also available for purchase in paperback. The art work is also available for purchase. In my opinion, the artwork brings the characters to life in a way you wouldn’t believe.


The GLBT BookShelf is a wonderful site. It offers more than just a place to read and buy books.


The GLBT has many other links I would like to place here but to save space and time I will put up the link to their main page. The site is very organized and put together. Some places you might want to visit is The Reading Room, Manhole @ The Phade, Booklovers Lounge and many other wonderful places.


This link is to ChangelingPress.com free reads page. There are some really great short stories here, both hetero and GLBT.


This is my favorite website and where I buy mist of my e-books(and I buy a lot!). This is a link to their Free Read page. Almost all the M/m books on this page are AMAZING! Enjoy!


Now here is one of the best sites I’ve found. All you have to do is create a free account and you can download hundreds of books by your favorite authors. And I mean it, they are absolutely free. Each book has it’s own sponsor to help promote the book and it’s publishers. Therefore the sponsor pays for the books for you! Isn’t that great?


MaleLoveRomance(MLR) offers one Free Read each week. The books are from their site and available for purchase if you miss the freebie week. All of the books are great IMO.


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