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Reviews on a few books I’ve read, not very professional-ish but how I felt seconds after reading the book in most cases.

Recipe for Love by Carol Lynne

A painfully shy young man and a playboy. While you would expect the roles these characters play to give you a certain idea of how the story plays out, you would be wrong. Though Jay is young, he’s dealt with a lot and knows what he want. Erico never thought he could fall in love, wouldn’t allow himself to, so watching the journey these two take together is a wonderful ride. Erico’shealth problems adds depth to the story and brings out the truth about how they feel, fears, and what they want. I truly enjoyed this story and loved the main characters. Recommended for a real love story.

Arm Candy by Carol Lynne

Perfect! A billionaire and a man afraid of being used for his looks alone. Asa may have all the money in the world, but from the start you can tell that the one thing he wants more than anything is for someone to love him for who he is. Mario wants the same thing but being a product of”Arm Candy”, his biggest fear is ending up the same way. It’s easy to see how much both characters wNt each other and their love is written across the sky for all but themselves to see. It takes some time but their faith in the sincerity of each other grows and allows them to have what they’ve always wanted, true love. This book was an enjoying read from start to finish, and the sex scenes were always HOT!! even when they were sweet and touching. Another great one from Carol Lynne!

Eye of the Beholder by Carol Lynne

A wonderful follow up to The Last Bouquet. Both characters struggle with emotional and physical damage done to them by people in their past. While Bo learns to continue living, Rance refuses to leave himself open to vulnerability and keeps everyone at a distance. Just when these to start to get things right, Rance messes up and risks losing the family that he’s grown to love but is too scared to give himself completely too. Bo was my favorite character, if for nothing other than the strength he continues to display despite the blows dealt to him. The ending was lovely and a perfect way to end an so engaging story.

The Last Bouquet by Carol Lynne

Simply beautiful. The emotions in this book was described perfectly. Tyler seemed so cute and darn adorable. I hated how the ghost of Mitch still effected Hearn’s opinion of himself but I love how he blossomed into a wonderful, confident man under Tyler’s love and care. Gracie was a wonderful addition to this story. My only complaint is I would have liked the story to be based more on them and not the other characters, though I understand the need for series development. Regardless, a great addition to an already perfect series!

Physical Therapy by Carol Lynne

A wonderful story. The Doctors really stand out. Love the realism of how they felt bringing a third into their relationship of twenty years. Matt was a very deep character, that touched me with his struggles of PTSD and had me crying a few times. All in all, these men were amazing and their love for each other was heartfelt.

Copping a Sweetest Day Feel by Andrew Grey

A peek into a loving couple’s daily life. A nice, quick read.

Playing the Field: Face-off by JM Snyder

3.5stars. Great, short and sweet.

Playing the Field: Play On by JM Snyder

From lust to blooming love. These characters were all about each other. A nice read that full of just the right mix of sexiness and aww, isn’t that cute?.

Playing the Field: Served! by JM Snyder

Gorgeous. My favorite out of this short series. Loved the family aspect mixed in with the one-nighter-becomes-more storyline of this book. It was hot and cute and a lot of fun.

Playing the Field: Tee’d Off by JM Snyder

Love the progression from twelve- year-old little kid to strong, smart and wonderful man in the MC’s eyes of a boy he used to know who now he doesn’t want to be without. The insecurities and confusion really made the situation realistic and the ending was beautiful.

Faith and Fidelity(#1) by Tere Michaels

An amazing story of first times and finding love where you least expect it. This story sucked me in and I didn’t mind one bit. The emotional roller coaster was a journey that opened my eyes to the pain and uncertainty that follows you even after you know what you want and have because children are involved and of having to hide was invigorating. I enjoyed this book very much, especially the interaction both MCs had with the children. I have read this book repeatedly and am planning to read it again already. If you haven’t read it yet, read it!

The Shunned by Jay Hughes

I would have to say 3.5stars for this book. It was a good read but the relationship tickled me the wrong way. I just feel the story was more focused on the beliefs of Amish communities and not the relationship. It was a good read, it just felt incomplete to me.

Bareback(#1) by Chris Owen

Real emotions. Realistic ways of dealing with issues, from being blinded by pain to realizing what you’ve lost after you lost it. There was cheating in this book that hurt me enough to make me cry, and even months later, I still cry when I think of the emotional and physical damage that both MCs suffered. it was tempting to take sides during this part of the story but the ending made you see how vote guys had messed up. It didn’t exactly fix all the hurt caused but it redeemed the story in my eyes enough that I was willing to read the sequel. 3.5stars for this book. I’ve already reread this story taking care to skip over the unpleasant parts. The cheating really messed it up for me, I wasn’t expecting it in this story and I was as much hurt by it as the other MC. These are characters that you will love until the end. If you can handle partners as good as married being torn apart by one cheating, this is definitely a book you should consider reading. With the exception of that, it was a great book.

To Love A God by JM Snyder

There’s no need to say a lot about this book, it says it all itself. Short and sweet, not to mention passionate. Loved it.

The Telling by Eden Winters

The Telling by Eden Winters… Wow. There is so much I want to say about this book that I just don’t know how to express it. This book deserves more than 5stars IMO. I’ve read a lot of books but I can honestly say that I don’t think any has touched me as much as this one. From meeting the MCs to learning their minds and experiencing their struggles not only with themselves but the outside world too, it was an unexpected journey that while you desperately wanted to know what would come next, you dreaded finding out, if only because that would mean the read would soon end. I truly regret finishing this book and know I will be reading it again soon, it’s truly amazing. Pick up this book ASAP sit-down and read it. You won’t regret it, it’s a read any person could enjoy. Amazing.

Love Means… No Shame by Andrew Grey

Love this book! I enjoyed every second of this book. The MCs suck you in and refuse to let go until the last word. The emotions are heartfelt and real. Sex scenes in this story not only added to the storyline but were realistic and fit in perfectly, not to mention that they were hot. The love could be felt between the MCs throughout the entire development of their relationship. This was a sweet and loving read that will capture your attention. I definitely recommend this book to any and everyone. Read it!

WHAT by Missy Welsh

The whole panther shifter-thing seemed kind of out of the blue but this was a short story and without the shifting there wouldn’t have been any thing to read so I consider it a great read especially considering it is a free read. Gave it four stars only because I would have prefer the MCs got together for a reason other than they are both panthers and mates and so that is why they are attracted and in love with each other.
A sweet and quick read, great to pass some time.

Diving in Deep by K.A Mitchell

My original review was lost but I tried to recreate it. Sadly, this is all I could remember.
An entertaining read though the relationship seemed focus on sex for ninety-percent of the book before one of the main characters finally got it together. I fell in love with Noah and while I didn’t like Cam at first, he eventually grew on me too.

Rough Road to Happiness by Shabbu

Well written. Loved the MCs and their personalities. Would’ve rated five stars if it was longer and really gave you an insight to their relationship. Still a wonderful short story that let you feel the emotions and left you feeling satisfied.

Wonderland by Adam Carpenter

Like the plot well enough. I couldn’t stand all the cheating, even worse was the excuses given and not given. My heart broke for Mark repeatedly. Not sure if I’ll read the sequel.
Update: While this story was okay, I really wanted to enjoy it, but as I’ve said the cheating messed it up for me. I have yet to read another book by him because I don’t want to hurt for the characters as much as I did when i read this one. My heart still squeezes plainly when I unwillingly. Remember parts of this story. This is not to say this is a bad book, just not one I could read and come away from happily.

Conquest by S.J Frost

Loved the story, great characters and the plot kept you reading and feeling the true emotions behind every word. A great read!

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