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Winner to be Announced

The winner of an amazon giftcard and free copy of Jet’s book will be annouced later this week.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by this month and I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Next month I will be focusing on different authors and one lucky reader will win a copy of any ONE of thier books.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Alex Sanchez and Coming Out

Rainbow Boys Trilogy.

So, I realised that when I say Anne Cain, Jet Mykles, J.L Langley and Eden Winters were the first authors I read of the M/M romance category, I was wrong. I recently ordered the Rainbow Boys books by Alex Sanchez on Amazon because I remember reading them when I was In Highschool (like that was so long ago) lol.
But as I reread them I remembered why I liked Alex so much. He’s a gifted writer, he truly is. He manages to incorporate the pain, excitement, nervousness, relief. Everything, really, that goes through a teenage’s life. Especially when your a gay teen. Nothing is simple and you always find a hundred meanings in the simplest things. Like a “Hello”. Is it friendly? Does it mean something? What should I say?
So I’m not a guy, but I am a bisexual female who was terrified to come out to her family because she wasn’t sure of their reactions.
Luckily for me, I never feared getting kicked out. Well, that’s not true. My grandfather is a bit old fashioned and I still haven’t told him, even though I no longer live in the same apartment as him.
It’s not easy, trying to figure out who you are, who you can trust, who your friends really are and everything else that goes with starting your life on Your terms.

Alex managed to show all aspects of the scale. From a loving mother who knew her son was gay before he did, an abusive father whose motto was “No Son of Mine Can Be Gay”, to utterly confused parents who wanted to accept their son but wasn’t sure where the cards lay.
I think the first time I read this series, I finished it and started it over from the beginning again.

The characters just felt so real to me, and you knew that if yu could sit down and talk to them, that they would understand everything you were going through.

I was reading the comments left on Jet’s first post the other day and one of you guys nailed it when you said that “I don’t believe in endings….”. I’m right there with you.

After readng Rainbow Road, I have to believe that everything is going to work out for Nelson, that he’s going to find the man of his dreams and live happily ever after. That Jason and Kyle is going to have the Picket Fence and adopt 2.5 kids. I need that.

Life isn’t as easy as some people make it seem (maybe it is for them, but I’m sure they struggled to get there first) and Alex nailed it. His characters weren’t always happy, heck I think half the time they were sad, crying, depressed or lost. And that made it real. Because that’s what it means to live. You fight, sometimes you lose, but you find a way to get back up and you’re stronger for it.
I refuse to believe that you’ll be knocked down and that’s it. I know it happens, but I need to believe in a world where that doesn’t exist.
I’m not nioeve(?) or innocent, but I’m holding out hope that we aren’t that lost, yet.
I don’t want to walk to the corner and see this

20131120-213231.jpgbecause, honestly, how fucking sick are you? Live and let live, people.

So, I didn’t intend to start ranting and I am, so I’m going to wrap this up.

I just wanted to say how wonderful I thought Alex Sanchez’s works are and how much they helped me and I hope they’ve helped others. If you haven’t read them yet, go to your local library and borrow them. They really are fantastic pieces of work.

Its too late to come up with a catchy title :D

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
“Heaven Sent” is one of my alltime favorite series. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I can’t help but read it repeatedly. Honestly, half the time, I just skim through the pages now because I’ve read it so much.
Jet Mykles will be joining us later today to talk about her series that she’s written and I’m looking forward to reading what she has to say.

I wonder which series is her favorite and why?

Ithink I lovethis series so much because of the realism. Johnny is the kind of guy you just always want to be around because it feels good and he makes you feel good about yourself. And Luc. Oh, man! There’s nothing I can say about that one. *sigh* If only he was real….
No matter what, no matter where, Jet writes characters you want to take home and tie to your bed!

Don’t forget to comment later on for your chance to win a giftcard and a copy of her book, I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore..

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