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I have this very bad habit where I write posts and press publish.
or at least think I do.
instead, I save it as a draft.

so, sorry for not publishing this last week like I thought I did.

Karma is a AU story by I.D-Locke that you can find on her blog, id-locke.livejournal.com . its pretty long but it is fantastic.

I first read it last year but I reread it a month ago and thought I should spend some time talking about it.
this is a completed work. the characters are 1005 ORIGINAL AND AMAZING TO BOOT. SHE EVEN HAS VERY EXPENSIVE dolls that she created for the main characters and later on their children and their children.
I don’t want to give to much away because its impossible to talk about parts of it without having to explain everything. it contains magic and capabilities to walk In dreams, raise the dead and love beyond belief.
there’s a shorter story that is also completed that starts off where Karma finishes and is the son’s story.
there is also another spinoff that is on another website, yaoi-fix, and is just as compelling.

comment and let me know if you’ve read this story and who your favorite character is and why.
at the end of the year, I will pick one comment and give that person a month subscription to yaoi-fix. it has many completed stories and many that are in progress and updated once a week. its very good, the only problem is that you want to read them all but you have to wait as the take turns updating.

sorry for the delay and can’t wait to hear from you!

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