Daily Archives: October 13, 2013

Another Day In

So, my life sucks.

And not in the good way.

Not in the fun, “On my God! Yesssss!”-ing way.

I’ve realise that outside of baking and writing, I’m not really doing anything but working. I’m not even tending to my online schoolwork anymore. Like it’s been closer to a year than not, since I’ve done any schoolwork.
I’m disappointed in myself but I’m so exhausted by the time I get home from work, that it’s a struggle just to keep my eyes open. It’s the middle of they day and I’m fighting to stay awake long enough to eat something. The constant changes to my sleep schedule doesn’t help either.

Ah, well.

Off to find a way a way to juggle writing, working and living. Wish me luck!

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