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Giveaways and New Introductions

Good Evening!

I’m excited to be back and can’t wait to catch up with everyone. October will be a great month and what better way to start it than a giveaway?

Since I’ve been gone for so long, I’ve decided to do two this month. For every author spotlight I plan on giving one follower a giftcard/book etc…

My other giveaway this month will purely be to regain my followers interest. Because I’ve been gone so long I realise I may have lost a lot of my readers and I would like to reward them for coming back to me 😀

1. For EVERY FOLLOW, FACEBOOK LIKE, TWEET and SUBSCRIPTION you will earn one entry. Everyone already subscribed to this blog or who has “liked” my facebook page will already have one point. For every point your name will be entered.

2. I will be offering chances to earn points throughout the giveaway. In these cases just leave your name in your comments.

3. There will be TWO WINNERS. The winners will be annouced HERE. If you are named, you will have 3 days to contact me and claim your reward. If you don’t it will be considered forfeited and next in line will recieve it and so on.

4. The giveaway will run from tonight to 10/21/13 at 11:59 pm. The winners will be declared 10/26/13.

Each winner will recieve
one $15 giftcard
one ebook of their choice (valued up to $5)

On one last note, has anyone figured out who my spotlight is this month? The first two people to guess correctly will get a free point. Guesses will be accepted until tomorrow afternoon at 12pm.

Hint: Her last name is a season of the year that ends with an ‘S’.

Tomorrow I will have the great pleasure of introducing her to you and I look forward to it.

Good Luck!

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