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If You Are A Reviewer

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t really been on here in the last few months.
But that’s going to change! I’m waiting for a new laptop I ordered and then I plan on catching up on EVERYTHING!!!

In the meantime, I wanted to ask you all a question.
I write reviews for a program called BookPlex. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a site where authors pay to have a certain amounts of reviews for their books. Dispite how that sounds, it’s completely legit. You aren’t being paid to write the reviews, but for the time you took to read it. The reviews are honest and no coercion is involved. If you hate a book, you are more than free to say so and are even encouraged to tell fellow readers why.
I just received an email from them stating that they are backlogged with orders and need more reviewers. If we generate reveiwers for them they will give us a bonus.

There are different programs that you can sign up for. Regular reviews(they send you the ebook, you read it within 3 weeks) earn $3.5 per reveiw. Amazon Verified Purchase is where you buy the ebook from amazon and BookPlex re-emburses you the cost once you send in your review. Short Stories is just the summaries of a full length ebook. And there are some books where if you review within a certain amount of time, you earn $7.
The ebooks vary in category from children stories to autobiographies. Its really easy and you get to read a ton of books for free. And get paid to do it!

If you’re interested, you can either email me your email address or leave a comment with your email.

My email address is

Thank you guys so much! I hope you join up 😉

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