Monthly Archives: November 2012


So i realise I’ve been MIA for a while now. Sorry ’bout that guys. Good news is, I’m almost done with Letting Go now. Just a few more notes, my crap ass attempt at editing and it should be a go to send to Sharon(who i sincerly hope hasn’t forgotten about me in the recent lag of chapters to her). GRL was a hell of a kick in the ass for me.

That’s another thing I’ve been a bit behind on. I have a few wonderful pictures I’ld like to share with you guys but first I want to check with everyone and get their permission first.

I hope to have the ball rolling with everything soon and hopefully you guys will be hearing a lot more from me within the coming weeks.

Happy holidays!

P.S.- To anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, I hope your recovery goes smoothly. My thoughts are with you, your families and your friends.

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