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A Short Fic

I wrote this back around easter. Its not much, just a lil something I thought up when I was bored. Hope you enjoy.

Easter Fic

He stood, watching the kids playing in the spacious backyard.
It was wonderful of Jack to offer up his house for the neighborhood kids to do an easter hunt.
Then again, almost everything Jack did was wonderful.
HE was wonderful.
Carefully, he stole a glance out of the side of his eye, at the silent man standing geside him. He was big, not overly muscular, but he had a powerful presence. And a welcoming smile.
One that had put him at ease the first day he showed up in a jew town, a new school, knowing just as little as the five year old girl he had woith him,
Frazzled beyond belief and trying to na igate a school he’d previously never even stepped foot into, Jack had been a knight in shining armour when he’d stepped up and asked him if he beeded help.
He was sure he’d fallen in love with the man at that exact moment.
Now, as they stood together watching their little girls team up to find easter eggs, his mind jumped to what had been happening in the past few weeks.
Maybe it was his imagination, but he prayed he was imaging the small touches and subtle flirting passing back and forth between them.
Never had it crossed his ming that Jack may be gay, let alone imnterested in plain ole’ him, but there was no way he imagined or the casual bumps, the soft brushes of a hand over his nackside when no one was looking, the hint of mischief in dazzling hazel eyes whenever a innuendo was exchanged.
But maybe it was.
Maybe it was his imagination.
Jack shifted towards him, his shoulder bumping his softly. He looked at him and caught the slight smile tilting the corners of Jack’s lips up as the man gestured to two little boys who were watching there daughters fun around. The man didn’t move back into his own space.
Yeah, somehow, he didn’t think he was imagining it. Not at all.

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