Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mental Bit

Hey guys. just wanted to stop
by and say hi. hope everything is going well with everyone.
unfortunately, my internet is down still. i have no idea when i will be putting it back up.

before i go, i have a mental bite for you guys to chew on. feel free to leave your thoughts and any comnments you might have for me to read. you guys know how much i love hearing from you.

do you think it is possible to have no faith in something yet, still believe in it?

so, what do you guys think? you can interpret this question any way you want. what it means to me, may be different for someone else. i will tell you that when i asked myself this question, it was about religion.

can’t wait to see what you guys think. until then, have a great time and don’t forget to always enjoy yourselves!

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