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Day Five was Today (Yesterday, as it is now)

Jadette has actually had this post up on her blog for a month today (yesterday) as free promotion for me. I think she put the post together greatly and I really appreciate all the work she put into it.
So, without further adue(?)….

go to Jadette’s blog


Fourth Stop for Second Time Around!

Hey guys!
Sorry I didn’t post the link for the 14th.

Here it is; Making Connections Blog (Sherri)

There’s a review there for you!!

This blog is ran by multiple bloggers but Sherri is the one hosting this particular stop. So go show her some love and thank her for being so awesome for me will you?


Second Time Around Today

here you go!

This time you get an excerpt, (I know, I knwo! So many of those huh?) BUT you finally get a REVIEW!

Exciting, huh?
And its a great review if I may say so!

So hop on over there guys!

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