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MyBookBoyfriend Presents Second Time Around!

Hello again, you lovelies 🙂

So the wonderful Terri over at MyBookBoyfriend held yesterday’s tour stop for Second Time Around.

I highly encourage all of you to head over there and read her review. She writes the absolute best reviews while keeping it real. And she always provides eye-candy to go with them!
Can we truly ask for any more?!?

So a review is to be had over there. So go. Now. Are you gone yet? Okay, good. *grins*


June 17th Tour Stop

Hey guys!

Okay, so I know I haven’t been posting the links for this daily like I wanted to. Its been more like every third day. Sorry guys but I just can’t get away long enough to do it. Next month should be much less hectic.

Anyways, Sunday’s tour stop was over at TheBookHoard.

I’m just realising how little traffic a tour with no prizes get, :(. But there’s nothing to offer people! The book is already free!

Anyway, enjoy!

The Reviewing Shelf tours me for Today (Today!!)

The Reviewing Shelf

I think the review The Reviewing Shelf gave Second Time Around may be one of the best reviews I have received as of yet and I was so happy to have read it.


Guess what you guys?!?
I just checked my sales records and so far in the last week or so Second Time Around has been downloaded 165 times! I’m so happy.

Now if those of you who have downloaded it and have read it are currently readingthis, please let me know what you thought of it. You don’t have to review, just send me a email or so ething. I always love hearing what you guys have to say, it what helps me become a better writer.

Thanks you guys!


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