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Making Connections does it’s Stop

Tana, creator and organiser of this tour, is hosting me today.
The post wasn’t up yet when I looked a few hours afo but its suppose to be a review. It should be up now.

I hope you guys enjoy it and please say thanks to Tana for being so fabulous!

Here’s the link.


MyBookBoyfriend Presents Second Time Around!

Hello again, you lovelies 🙂

So the wonderful Terri over at MyBookBoyfriend held yesterday’s tour stop for Second Time Around.

I highly encourage all of you to head over there and read her review. She writes the absolute best reviews while keeping it real. And she always provides eye-candy to go with them!
Can we truly ask for any more?!?

So a review is to be had over there. So go. Now. Are you gone yet? Okay, good. *grins*


June 17th Tour Stop

Hey guys!

Okay, so I know I haven’t been posting the links for this daily like I wanted to. Its been more like every third day. Sorry guys but I just can’t get away long enough to do it. Next month should be much less hectic.

Anyways, Sunday’s tour stop was over at TheBookHoard.

I’m just realising how little traffic a tour with no prizes get, :(. But there’s nothing to offer people! The book is already free!

Anyway, enjoy!

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