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Tour Begins in just a Few Hours!

yay! you guys, I’m so excited! Monday my second tour, this one for Second Time Around, the free short story I just published a few days ago; will begin.

oh, and heads up. please IGNORE all the punctuation mistakes I am most likely going to be making in this post, lol.

Anyway, Second Time Around is available on Smashwords for FREE! it is available in multiple formats and people have already downloaded it.
okay, so I know the point of publishing your story is for people to download it, but that doesn’t mean I cant be excited when it happens, right? I even got my first review for it on Smashwords and the lady really liked it.

that makes me sooo happy.

Also, I am hoping that Second Time Around can make up a bit for my lack of progress in regards to Letting Go, the first book in the Boys in Love series that I am writing currently.
i’ve no idea what has been going on with that story. some days I can write it good and then theres are periods of time in which I get absolutely nothing out.
so Sharon, if you are reading this, I am truly sorry for not having sent you anything in some time.

my internet still isn’t up and I’m working on that.

Now, Back to the reason for this post.

i had planned on doing this tour like I did the last one with daily postings on where the day’s stop would be. i still plan on doing that, it’ll just be harder to do this time around.

like I said, my internet isn’t up right now so I won’t be able to check and make sure everything is going as planned. tomorrow and monday the library is closed and I have no idea what my new work schedule is like (did I mention I GOT a job? super hype!!!) and so I have no idea when the next time I can get to a computer will be.

for now, I will schedule each post right now for the tour and if there is a problem(location, postings etc…), i’ll do my best to let you guys know ASAP.

Anyway, sorry for the crash course of information on my life as is right now but thanks for listening.

oh, and to those of you who have recently commmented but recieved no reply from me, sorry. I want to get back to you guys I just can’t right now.

but know that I love and appreciate all of you and I look forward to hearing from you all.

last thing.
As I blogged recently, Emily Guido is the Author Spotlight this month and I hope to have something new from her for you guys soon.

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