From Love and Pain Blog Tour WINNERS!!


The winners have been chosen!

Grand Prize First Place: Judi – Arella3173_loveless@

Grand Prize Second Place: Daisy – dbunny011@…

Grand Prize Third Place: Sharon – sstogner1@…

Note to Grand Prize Winners: This giveaway was U.S only. If for any reason You did not inform me that you were Int. Your prize will be forfeited. If this happens, I will give you a ebook copy instead. Thank you.

E-book Giveaways:
(winners will be listed by the name I have for them and the beginning of their email)
1. Midia – midiamuniz@…
2. Cherie Cherie.reich@…
3. Ashley – ashley.vanburen@…
4. Micheleann oboyle – Angelwolfmystic@…
5. Heidi – rnydayramblings@…
6. Kerry – kerry1912@…

Thank you everyone who participated. I hope you had as much fun As I did. I hope to see you guys around and who knows, maybe some of you will win my next giveawa, too! 🙂

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  1. omg!!! Awesome!! Thanks so much!!! ❤ ❤

  2. how should we contact you??

  3. sharonstogner

    woot! thanks 🙂

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