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How Winners can Contact Me

so it’s been brought to my attention that I did not specify how winners can contact me.
For that, I’m sorry guys. These last few days have been so hectic and it completely slipped my mind. Not that that is a valid excuse.

E-Book Winners:
Please email me at definitelost@yahoo.com . In the subject line put down the name of the giveaway you won. In the body, simply tell me what prize you won please.

Grand Prize Winners:
Please do the same as the E-Book winners but also send me the address at which you wish for me to ship you your prizes. Please also state which grand prize you won. If you wish to have me to confirm myself first just tell in your email and I will simply do so and then you may send me your address.

Thank you, guys. Also for those of you whom may find this a tad bit troublesome, my internet currently isn’t working and this is the best way for me to dole out prizes and I appologise for any irritances(not sure this is a word, but whatever c: ) this may cause for you.


From Love and Pain Blog Tour WINNERS!!


The winners have been chosen!

Grand Prize First Place: Judi – Arella3173_loveless@

Grand Prize Second Place: Daisy – dbunny011@…

Grand Prize Third Place: Sharon – sstogner1@…

Note to Grand Prize Winners: This giveaway was U.S only. If for any reason You did not inform me that you were Int. Your prize will be forfeited. If this happens, I will give you a ebook copy instead. Thank you.

E-book Giveaways:
(winners will be listed by the name I have for them and the beginning of their email)
1. Midia – midiamuniz@…
2. Cherie Cherie.reich@…
3. Ashley – ashley.vanburen@…
4. Micheleann oboyle – Angelwolfmystic@…
5. Heidi – rnydayramblings@…
6. Kerry – kerry1912@…

Thank you everyone who participated. I hope you had as much fun As I did. I hope to see you guys around and who knows, maybe some of you will win my next giveawa, too! 🙂

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