From Love and Pain Blog Tour Begins!


It’s here!
It is FINALLY here!!!
I’m superrrrrrr excited!(as if you couldn’t tell that from all the exclamations, lol)

Today is the start of my From Love and Pain blog Tour!
I do believe I promised some details on the giveaways and such. I will include that towards the end, but please read this first. It’s kinda important, you know?

The tour will run from today, May 6th to May 17th.
Each day of the tour I will be listing the stop fior that day, along with what will be going on there. If there is going to be a giveaway, I will let you know here. Please keep in mind that even if there is not an e-book giveaway on any certain tour date, I will be looking for entries into the grand prize each day! You can only enter once per person. I will have more on this later.

On May 17th there will be two posts. The first will be the daily stop and what will be happening. The SECOND will be my post for the Hop Against Homophobia Blog Hop. If for some reason you only can see one, please check out the second posting, as I find it to be the more important of the two.


The Stop Today!
Today I will be over @ ShadowKissedCassie
Update: Right now the post isn’t up, it will be in a hour or two. Sorry for the wait.
Update Two: the post is up. Just click on the link above (ShadowKissedCassie) to view it.

The Happening!
Cassie will be holding an Interview with me. I dropped some info. on From Love and Pain, so make sure and stop by to see it.
Cassie will also be putting up a Review of From Love and Pain. So if you’ve been thinking about picking up a copy but something is holding you back, make sure to take a look at her review.
She is also doing a giveaway. The first giveaway, and it’s only the first day! That has to mean much more to come, right? Remember, comment on her post with name and email to be entered into her giveaway PLUS the grand prize.

Okay, this next part is going to be as official as I can make it.

All Important Information!
Regarding E-book Giveaways – All tour host have decided if they wish to hold giveaways. For those who chose to do so, I, as the author of From Love and Pain, have provided one e-book copy for each giveaway. E-book Giveaways are open toInt. and U.S. entries. Winners will be chosen using Winners will be announced on my blog and contacted by e-mail. You will be given 14 days(2 weeks) to claim your prize. If a winner does not respond within the alloted timeframe, the prize will be given to the next winner. And so on and so on.
To Enter: Unless otherwise stated on the individual blog, simply leave your name and email in a comment on the specific tour post to be entered into that giveaway. For e-boom giveaways, entries submitted on my blog will be excluded(NOT VALID), you must enter the giveaway on the blog which is hosting said giveaway.
Thank you for your participation.

Grand Giveaway Entry Rules!
There will be THREE Grand Giveaways! First, Second and(I want to say fourth, but yes) Third.

The grand prize(s) are…

First Prize: A paperback copy of From Love and Pain, Author Swag( From Love and Pain coffee mug, notebook, banner, and a pen) and one ebook copy of all future books that I write. These will be given before or the day of releases.

Second Prize: A paperback copy of From Love and Pain and one ebook copy of any e-book reviewed on here. (@ the top of this page there is a box that reads “Reviews”. All reviews have been copied and pasted here.)

Third Prize: A paperback copy of From Love and Pain.

Grand Prize Entry Rules: The Grand Prize giveaways are open to the U.S ONLY. Please leave your name and email in a comment on any of the blog stops or on any tour posting(this one included) that I post on my blog(here), to be entered into the giveaway. Winners will be chosen using Grand Prize winners will be announced on my blog and on my facebook page on May 22nd, 2012. Follow my blog or like my page to guarantee you won’t miss the announcements. This is not mandatory to be entered into the drawings. Winners will have 14 days(2 weeks) to contact me and claim their prize. If prizes are not claimed in the alloted time period, the prize will go to the next person. And so and so on.
Thank you for your participation.

I know this post was pretty long. Each day I will include the rules for the giveaways but you may skip that. I’ll be putting it at the end anyway.

Okay, now that that is done, if you’re still with me I want to say THANK YOU!


Thistour was organised by


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  1. Yey~ So excited for the tour!
    🙂 Happy to tag along. lol…

  2. sharonstogner

    Congrats on your tour!

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