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Interview with Author Michael Meyer

Today I’d like to welcome Thriller Author Michael Meyer.
Recently, I got the chance to sit down and interview Mike. Gotta say, Covert Dreams sounds good, I may just have to go pick up a copy 🙂
Anywhooo…Welcome Mike!

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a retired English professor. I live in Southern California wine country with my wife, Kitty, and our two other cats. I have published four novels on Amazon Kindle to date. DEADLY EYES is a haunting Caribbean mystery, COVERT DREAMS is an international thriller set in Saudi Arabia, THE FAMOUS UNION is a comical look at chaos created by the powers-that-be at a once prestigious college, and THE SURVIVAL OF MARVIN BAINES is a whimsical look at one man’s attempt to cope with middle age.

What made you start writing?
I became fascinated with books at a very young age. I must have read every CURIOUS GEORGE book out there. At the age of ten, I self-published my first book, a short synopsis of California history. My parents bought the only copy, but I was a published author.

You’ve recently released your fourth book. What is it about?

James Cuffy, better known as Cuff, is living in paradise with his girlfriend, on the small Caribbean island of St. Croix, where the sky is as blue as Cuff’s eyes, the ocean as pretty as Rosie’s cheeks, where the gentle lapping of the waves is a lullaby, and the swaying of the palm trees is a dance. The sandy beaches are as white as sugar, and the horizon is a world away. St. Croix indeed is paradise, the perfect place for living, laughing, and loving. But the sandy beaches and the turquoise sea can provide no cover from the deadly eyes of the unknown stalker pursuing Cuff. Murder leads to murder as he attempts to untangle the terrible web in which he has suddenly become entangled.

What made you decide to write it?

I love a both writing and reading a good mystery. My first thriller, COVERT DREAMS, was so well received that I decided to write a second. The Caribbean has always fascinated me since I lived on the island of St. Croix for four years.

When are you your most constructive (morning/night/evening/4-6 etc…)?

I am an early morning person, so I like to get to work right after breakfast. I walk for about an hour six days a week, and on that walk, just before breakfast, while exercising my body, I am also exercising my brain by coming up with ideas for that morning’s writing session. I sometimes find myself having to hurry home just to be able to jot down a note or two before I lose the idea. I generally like to write for several hours a day, but every once in a while the skies turn dark without my even knowing it since I have been on such a roll at my computer, and the day simply got away from me.

What’s in store for you next?

I hope to begin a new book soon. I am not out for money. As a retired college professor, I have a nice pension. Rather, I want to write until I die. I love creating characters and plots. Writing to me is like reading. I never know precisely where things will lead. I am in good health, and my doctor told me that writing is a very healthy avocation for someone in my situation: a retiree. I love his advice.

Other than writing, do you do anything else?

I am an avid traveler. I have visited many parts of the world, and I plan on doing so as long as I can. My wife and I travel overseas at least once a year. We also take trips up and down the California coast quite often, and we love to take vacations in places such as Chicago, Miami, San Antonio, and New Orleans. The truth be told, I like to travel.

Do you read your reviews?

I do. Reviews are the lifeblood for an Indie writer. I actively encourage my readers to leave reviews on my Amazon author’s site and anywhere else they deem appropriate.

Would you argue with a reviewer over a bad review?

Never. People are people, and not everyone likes the same movie, popcorn, salsa, or brand name clothes. People can have their own opinions about religion, politics, and my writing. That is their personal right. What I do as a writer is try hard to please myself. When I succeed, I am certain that many others will feel the same about my work.

Now that you’ve published your book, is there anything you would change? Any regrets?

My only regret at this stage of my writing I have indeed finished writing a book. When the words The End appear, I feel sad. My baby is now on its own. It is like having a movie that has fully engrossed you coming to an end. It is like being so absorbed by a book that you are reading that you simply never want it to end.

Are you published with a publishing house or self-publish?

My wife bought me a Kindle, and it was love at first sight. After I retired, in December of 2010, I seriously turned my attention to writing. As a senior citizen, I wanted to get my work to readers as soon as it was polished and ready to read. I simply did not want to wait a couple of years, or longer, in order to see my work in print. In addition, I wanted total control over every aspect of my writing, from the final editing to the creation of my book cover.

What/who is your inspiration for writing?

I come from a long line of teachers. My grandmother was a teacher, as were my father and mother and nearly all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My three sisters are all teachers. My wife is a retired teacher. Books have always played a prominent role in my life. The urge to write has always been there, tickling me constantly. All I had to do was scratch it, and the rest is history.

Do you have a favorite book? What is it?

I love to read. I have been an avid reader my entire life. I give my whole to a book as I read it. I become consumed by the thing. That being the case, I would have to say that my favorite book is probably the one I am reading at the time.

What is your favorite reader/writer interaction site?

I really enjoy interacting with the good readers at Goodreads. I have had many rewarding discussions there, and I look forward to many more in the future.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I was a college professor for over forty years. I taught literally throughout the world, at universities in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and the Caribbean. I retired just over a year ago from a twenty-four year stint as an English professor at a California community college. I do miss my students, but, I must admit, I love the free time I now have to devote to three of my favorite things: reading, writing, and traveling.

My Amazon author’s page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005E7M8CW

My Goodreads author’s page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/674626.Mike_Meyer

My Facebook author’s page: http://facebook.com/temmike

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