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Betty Boop, My Grandmother and Me


So on my birthday I decided to get my first tattoo. ^_^ It has much meaning to me.

It’s in honor of my grandmother who passed away a few years ago after a long and painful battle against breast cancer. My grandmother was strong and beautiful even at the end and we miss her every day.
Betty Boop was one of her favorite characters and pink was a favorite color of hers. My tattoo actually has a tattoo of her owns *grins*, that’s right I gave Betty a tat. On her left arm is a small “E” in script. The “E” stands for Elena, my grandmother’s name.

There’s not much we can do for the dead, but this was something I thought I could. I was never good with the whole grieving process, if I cry for five minutes its a miracle, I’m more the suffer in silence type; being there for others was more important for me at that time.

But I loved my grandmother dearly. She was a special woman and anyone who met her would say the same. She could always make you smile and make you feel loved and happy and wanted without any effort on her side.
I grew up with her and I can honestly say those were the happiest years of my short life.

I hope where ever she is, that she’s happy and proud of me. She encouraged me in everything I did. When it came to my writing, She would read every silly poem or short story I wrote and tell me it was fantastic. And when I asked for her honest opinion, she never lied. She never put me or my writing down but she always helped me make it better.
Without her, I’m not sure where I would be today. She was my rock, and I love her.

I want to honor her and remember her and I never plan on forgetting who she was and all the wonderful things she did for me, and with me. This is my way of doing so.

I love you, Ma.

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