Daily Archives: February 5, 2012

Interesting Fact

Don’t ask me why I decided to need to know this, I’m not exactly sure myself.

Just how much of our life do we sleep away?

I realise there’s no way to know tge exact answers but I did a quick calculation.

08 hrs a day (doctor rec.)
365 days a year
50 years (seemed good to me)

146,000 hrs are spent sleeping if you use these numbers. That’s 6,083 days or a little more than 16.5 YEARS!

I dunno, to me that’s a lot of wasted time.
And I’m not even the average sleeper. Sure, there are plenty of days where I don’t even get 8hrs of sleep in but on the days that I have absolutely nothing to do, I stay in bed all day. I’ve slept entire days before. A lot of wasted time.


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