Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Write Change Up

A few days ago I posted a post titled Goals. It was my written word goal for this past week. My plan was to post a goal at the beginning of each week in the hope of motivating myself to keep my goal by letting others know my plan.
Yesterday I realise that this is not a realistic goal for me to expect of myself. This is not because of the written word goal but because I have the tendency to edit as I write.
It doesn’t matter if I have only manage to write a paragraph in a single sitting. After finishing writing, I will agonise over proper punctuation before then stressing correct grammar outside of internal and external dialogue.
After doing this I then reread what I’ve written, changing some parts and adding others. And you know where that leads, right? Yup, you guessed it. Back to editing, I mean re-editing, the punctuation and grammar. It’s a long and sometimes tedious writing process but what can I say? It works best for me. I may love what I’ve written but what I come up with the second time around is sometimes even better in my opinion.
So, back to my Goal posts. I think I will do them bi-weekly from now on. This way I have no excuse to not meet my word goal and still have time to edit to my little hearts desire.

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