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Hurricane Virus!!

So Irene hit. It wasn’t too bad, just a lot of rain and wind. While we were lucky, I know others didn’t share our luck and my heart goes oit to them along with my condolences for those who lost family members due to Irene.
My computer has a virus and the internet refuses to open up. Because of this I can’t post any pictures.
But I can post Tim and Danny snippets.
That said…

Sneak Peek #2

Tim sat, leaning back against the wood top. He tilted his head back to stare at the sky. The sun was beginning to set and the sky was a mix of reds, oranges and hints of purple. He breathed deeply, enjoying the sight immensely. Usually, the sun set quickly and there was none of this beauty to absorb. The fact that today the sun was moving slowly out of sight, night taking over an inch a minute, only made the day more perfect.
“It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?” Evan spoke quietly, obviously taking effort not to startle him.
Tim swallowed, dragging his gaze reluctantly from the sky and looking over at Evan. “Yeah, it’s beautiful.” his tone was soft, his breath catching in his throat.

I know this is short but I wanted to share it. I hope to be able to update better soon but for now I don’t think that is going to happen right now. I hope to post another piece up soon along with other stuff I’m thinking on.

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