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Timmy and Danny

Okay, so! Lately I’ve been slacking, not only on updating this site but, sadly, on my writing. I’m currently working on Timmy and Danny’s story, from my recent release, The Call.
So far I’ve completed the first chapter and have begun working on other points of their story. Not a lot of it is written in order, mostly just the first chapter is written where it needs to be. Though I’m working on a new chapter, as of now I’m not sure just where in the story line I want it to take place. Oh, I know I’ll include it but there are minor details to be taken care of before I feel I can connect the two. Like this new chapter, I have a few character scenes written needing placement.

To some, this writing style may seem confusing but for me it works. I mean I’m not going to not write a terrific thought that pops into my head just because the current plot isn’t that far into the story. No, I’ll write it, put it aside and work on it. Then as I write I’ll look for an opening and if it fits I’ll work it all until it flows seamlessly and fits naturally.

Later in this week, I’ll post more on my writing style and show you just how crazy it is to be in my head. And to think, I’m there all the time!
I’ll also post the picture that inspired me to tell Timmy and Danny’s story. It’s beautiful and tranquil.

P.S- as yiu can see in my post Sneak Peeks #1, the picture I’ll be posting has a great influence on their relationship. There may just be one or two more shower scenes getting written soon!

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