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Song of The Fallen Fanfiction Contest!

Rachel Haimowitz is having a contest in honor of her upcoming release of Crescendo, part two in Song of The Fallen.
If you write fan fiction or want to give it a shot or you have to do is write fan fiction about Counterpoint, part one in Song of The Fallen.
Rachel offers up some ideas on what you can write on her blogspot but ultimately it is up to you.
For more information, check out her posting on the contest.
Good luck! I cant wait to read all the wonderful stories you guys will come up with!

The Call by H.A Caine

Today I released a short; The Call. Currently it is only available on Smashwords.
The story is a sneak peek into the lives of Tim and Danny. While this story is based when the two have a solid relationship, the main story is still a work in progress and will be available for sale soon.
For now, I hope you enjoy this introduction to Tim and Danny, both of whom I am fond of.
So head on over and buy a copy and don’t forget to leave a review or comment, it will be much appreciated.

Stepping Up To The Plate by J.M Snyder

Stepping Up to the PlateStepping Up to the Plate by J.M. Snyder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A truly amazing read. The unlikeliness of Stacy’s and Darian’s relationship was interesting to read about. While the characters themselves were a perfect match and really complimented each other, the idea that a highschool-drop out turn GED-go-getter and a carpenter-turn-Woodshop teacher getting together was a nice change of pace from the regular plot lines such as best friends to life partners; which is where I first thought this story would go. Stacy’s relationship with his best friends only added to the story. While it was hard to like jackass Lamar, I instantly fell in love with Ange.

Normally I’m all against cheating but what went on with Stacy and Ange I couldn’t bring myself to be disgusted about because honestly had Stacy not ended up with Darian, there would be no better choice than Ange for him.

I loved how Darian saw more than a high school drop out right from the beginning and made Stacy feel better about himself while doing everything he could to help him.

This story had a lot of twists and turns and was interesting to read.

A must read for anyone who loves complicated yet simple meant-to-be romances that will keep you interested.

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