Sneak Peeks #1 (Untitled)

Just a scene from my yet untitled novel (prequel to “The Call”).

Tim stepped into the shower behind Danny, admiring the fall of the water as it cascaded over Danny’s shoulders, traveling down the slopes of his chest muscles, following the lightly haired trail that stopped at his belly button before continuing down to the trim patch of blond curls that surrounded his crotch.
Tim licked his lips, eyes taking the same path, lingering over  small budded nipples before finding the beautiful vision of his lover’s cock that he was quickly becoming enhralled with.
He grabbed the soap bar and foamed his hands. Placing it aside, Tim reached out, massaging Danny’s pecs and his shoulders, making sure to get every spot.
The weidrness of the situation didnt escape Tim. He still founf it hard to believe that he’d finally open up and the world hadnt crumbled to tiny unmanagable pieces around him. He couldn’t help but feel as if he was holding his breath, his life suspended from reality while he waited for the other shoe to drop and cause him to lose Danny forever. Or worse, for him to wake up in bed any moment now and realise this was all a dream.
At least if he lost Danny now, he had these memories to cherish and pull out late at night.
Danny’s voice broke through his thoughts. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Danny turned, taking Tim’s hands in his.
Tim realised he had stopped washing Danny. Danny reached up, thumbrubbing his cheek bone as he tilted Tim’s head, placing a soft kiss on his lips.
Sighing, Tim moved into the circle of his love’s arms, wrPping his around the slim waist. “I’m fine.” he rested his head on Danny’s shoulder.
Rubbing his back shoothingly, Tim felt more than heard Danny sigh, the chest under his cheek rising and falling harder as he exhaled.
“This is real, Tim. It’s not going to go away just because you blinked. I wish you would relax.”
Tim couldn’t help his lips curling at the corners. He could never hide anything from Danny, he knew him too well. It was both a curse and a blessing.
“I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t worry everything to death.”
This time he heard the sigh.
He was squeezed closer, the arms surrounding him tightening.

About H.A Caine

I'm an aspiring author with a love of books and food. When I'm not writing I can be found reading or spending time with my family. I'm a romantic person at heart and love anything that guarantees a HEA, be it books or movies. P.S- I love to bake!

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